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Expert Services

Our electricians are fully qualified to provide a wide array of professional electrical solutions. Electricians from Cabletech Electrics will always work with you to understand your wants and needs and deliver a solution accordingly that will be both energy efficient and long lasting.


We first identify any electrical issue or identify your desires for the project.


Before work starts we'll discuss it with you to ensure we're on the same page.


We'll then deliver expert workmanship in an efficient and timely manner.


Finally we test our work to ensure it meets our impeccable standards.

Complete Electrical Services

For more information please click on the service you require.

Emergency Electrical Service

In the event of an emergency contact us immediately on 0409 434 850. Electrical emergencies have the potential to be dangerous so by calling our expert electricians directly we can give you free advice on how to mitigate any danger to keep yourself and others safe. Once you're safe we can quickly come and provide a lasting solution.

Air Conditioning Installations

We're one of the leading air conditioning installers in Melbourne. We can discuss you air con needs and provide you with the ideal solution from every angle. From aesthetics to efficiency to affordability we can always find the best solution for you. We stock a range of air conditioning units or can install a model that you've already picked out. Professional installation ensures energy efficiency and the longevity of your air conditioner.

Ceiling Fan Installation

If you prefer to cool your home or place of work without air conditioning, ceiling fans are an excellent solution. Ceiling fans are an energy efficient way to effectively cool an environment. They will quickly cool a room and when compared to the cost of air conditioning they're an outright bargain. Discuss your needs with us and we can ensure you have a ceiling fan that meets your cooling needs and looks great in the environment..

Commercial Lighting

Top class lighting is essential for most commercial businesses and that's especially true for retail. We can work with you to understand the environment you're lighting and your vision for it. We can then develop a lighting plan that meets both your needs and desires.

Down Lighting

Our expert electricians are adept at installing all manners of downlights. For downlights that are energy efficient, look great or are just an upgrade on what you currently have, we can certainly help. We provide a free consultation service to assist you in selecting the lights that will best suit you.

Electric Cable Ducting Systems

Electrical Cable Ducting Systems are the ideal solution to tidying up your unsightly cables. In offices this is a real essential because not only does it keep the place looking great but also has the added benefit of really improving the safety by removing any chance what-so-ever of staff or visitors tripping over cords.

Fibre Optic Cabling

Be sure use your Cabletech Electrics electricians to get the best value on all of your fibre optic cabling needs. We're experts at developing all sorts of efficient fibre optic solutions which will save you both stress and money.

Home Automation

We've seen a huge increase in the demand for home automation services as the technology has become more efficient and more affordable. We can easily bring your house into the future and allow you to control the air con, lighting, appliances and security all from a central hub or even your smart phone.

Home Entertainment Systems

Let's be honest. You buy a home entertainment systems for amazing sound and quality. To get the maximum benefits through optimum performance as well as peak longevity, ensure your home entertainment system is installed by a qualified professional.

LED Lighting Installations

LED (Light Emitting Diode) have undergone a massive surge in popularity because of their energy efficiency. Compared to standard lights they use far less electricity. With the price of power continually increasing you need to be on the lookout for ways to decrease your energy consumption and LED's are certainly an excellent option. Government rebates may apply in your area so enquire now.

Light Installations

Our electricians can quickly and easily install a variety of light fixtures and fittings. We always install so that your fixtures and fittings look great, are safe and will last a life time.

New Builds and Installations

Our electricians are extremely skilled at dealing with new builds and installations. If you've purchased a new appliance be sure to have us professionally install it. We'll easily ensure optimum performance and energy efficiency. For new builds we can develop an expert wiring plan that takes into account both your immediate and future needs and serves you for many years ahead.

Power Points

Whether you simply need a power point moved slightly or a new one installed, we can certainly help. Our electricians always work to ensure that power points are installed in the right place for both demand and cosmetics. We can install power points in both domestic and commercial environments.

Electrical Repairs

For all general domestic or commercial repairs be sure to call us on 0409 434 850. We always provide first class work at unbeatable prices.


As the housing stock in Melbourne inevitably ages so do the wires hidden behind the walls. You should have your wiring checked on a regular basis, especially if you're in an older house. Regular check will help keep you safe. When we detect that rewiring is required we can do it quickly and easily with minimal fuss.

Safety Switches

In the event that electrical circuits become degraded they can 'leak' electricity. Worst case this can result in a nasty shock and even death while the best case costs you money in 'lost' electricity. Avoid both of these horror scenarios with safety switches that detect and react to leaks accordingly.

Solar Panel Installation

Do you need a reliable electrician to help you with going green? In Australia it's never the wrong time to turn to solar. Our abundant sunshine is a great asset that can and should be used to power our homes and reduce our electricity bills. We can discuss you energy needs and help you identify the ideal panels for your needs. We can then install them to ensure optimum efficiency.


Have you been experiencing a large amount of power surges? It's time to have a qualified electrician take a look at your switchboard. Many older switchboards simply don't meet todays safety standards or can they operate with our increased demand.

Test and Tag Services

Our electricians provide a full test and tag service on request.